Ritual Review, Specialist 1

So where to begin, I’ve been using Ritual almost since their inception. Three years ago my sponsors, Barrington sports sent me one stick from each of the four new ranges.

I arrived at the pitch, plucked out whatever stick happened to grab my hands attention, which by pure chance was the specialist 1. The first thing I did was have a quick wobble and was impressed with the weighting and the feel.

I loved the look of the stick as well, very sleek looking with the kind of bend I would have enjoyed when I was flicking internationally. I then wanted to test the power the stick possessed, so I took aim at a goal about 35 yards away and whacked the ball. I was stunned, the power this stick possessed was incredible.

Very excited I had a little trot over to the top of the D and hit a few more balls. Literally out of the bag I was hitting the ball better than any stick I’d ever used before. I tried some drag flicks, given that’s what the specialist was designed for and once again I loved the results.

I was sold on the brand within minutes and have never looked back again. The brand is sleek and elegant, it’s well designed and constructed. Ritual just oozes class, from the packaging to the products themselves.

I think the bar for all manufacturers has been raised to a whole new level, one that everyday hockey loving individuals can only benefit from.

I’ll be putting up some videos soon and adding a new review for the Origin 95 Specilaist soon, keep checking back for updates.